For twenty five years Barbara Pizik has been helping women  create wardrobes that are timeless, unexpected, luxurious, and not frivolous.

“My vision for dressing women is to keep them modern with clean lines, great fabrics and with a little edge. When I started my business I felt that women wanted to have a private shopping experience that was intimate and personal… where they could establish a relationship with someone who understood their lifestyle and then could provide great core pieces year after year.”

Barbara works with her designers’ collections with an edited eye. She finds designers that are unique and exclusive to a few cities.

“When I work with a woman I always ask about what her clothing needs are. From there we customize her wardrobe. I have a very definite point of view on dressing women and that is – keep it minimal.”

She now shows seasonally in New York, Palo Alto, Salt Lake City, Park City, Portland, Laguna Beach and Los Angeles.  Her private boutique in Beverly Hills is where she shares her treasured finds.