Barbara Pizik Spring/Summer 2021
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Thea is a line of private label sweaters that I have created.
They are hand loomed in Kathmandu.

3 Collections:
THEA Cotton/Silk/Cashmere
THEA Cashmere Womens

Barbara Pizik - Founder of Thea Luxury Knitwear - Cashmere Fall 2021 Collectione

women’s cashmere collection

Barbara Pizik - Founder of Thea Luxury Knitwear - Men's Fall 2021 Collection

men’s collection

thea stonel csc hoodie no zipper

cotton/silk/cashmere collection




Lars Andersson began his eponymous knitwear line with his team of knitters in Brooklyn, NY. In 2016 he relocated to London, and from there to Nepal. His age-old skill of hand knitting from the finest natural fiber yarns has always focused on knitwear that satisfies the senses. His work has been seen in Vogue Australia, Zeit Magazine, Nylon, W, Boy Magazine, Interview, Flaunt, Refinery 29, Dossier Journal, WWD and Kaltblut.

Lars Andersson black long wool grey sweater

hooded long coat

lars andersson knitwear blue grey

draped neck jacket




Tagliovivo was founded in 2013 by Giordano Lapegna in Southern Italy. Attracted by the Italian handicraft – natural fabrics and ancient wrought iron – Giordano designed a collection that combines these traditional elements to create a luxury product with raw material. Every piece is hand cut.

tagliovivo black leather bag with model

doctor xs

satchel bag light black by tagliovivo





Iritdesign is based out of Malibu – and known for its edgy yet elegant design. Irit’s pieces are hand wrought- conflict free diamonds – recycled sterling silver and tahitian pearls.

Barbara Pizik Spring/Summer 2021

pave diamond lariat

Barbara Pizik Spring/Summer 2021

hoops with 3 diamonds

Barbara Pizik Spring/Summer 2021

one sided pave cuff

pave in center cuff

love cuff