“My friend Barbara came by as I was preparing to leave. She said, ‘You could go the entire trip with only a carry-on.’
I laughed at the concept. 
She said, ‘Watch how it’s done.’
Barbara proceeded to pull thing out of my closet, mix them with scarves, jewelry, and only one jacket that would carry me through ten days of travel. It could work. If we all packed just a carry-on our trip would be much easier.”

LINDA GRAY – “The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction”


“Barbara is the Zen Master Architect of the perfect wardrobe.”
LINDA GRAY – Actress


“Everything I’ve ever bought from Barbara over the past 15 years has made me feel fabulous and confident. Normally I dread shopping, but she makes it fun and easy.”
ALETA ST. JAMES – Author Life Shift – NYC


“Barbara’s honesty is rare and refreshing in this age of hard-sell.”


“Well-edited wardrobe from classic to eclectic.”


“The perfect extravagant gift to yourself from yourself…better than a massage.”
XILARY TWIL – Arts Advisor


“My worries are over.”
NAN GOLD ~ Psychotherapist


“Everytime I wear an outfit purchased from Barbara Pizik, I am stopped by someone inquiring where I found it. Barbara makes me look good.”


“Clean and simple…always beautifully edited collections.”
JAN SIMON – Wardrobe Editor/Stylist – NYC


“Wherever I go in Europe, Barbara’s clothes never fail to get raves.”
BARBARA PASQUET JAMES – Lifestyle Editor/Speaker – Paris


“This has become my favorite place to shop.”


“I rarely make time to go shopping and when I do buy something, I want it to be stylin’ but classic and well-made enough to last a while. For me, Barbara fills that bill…”


“Barbara Pizik is style with class, simplicity and pOlished. Trust me when I tell you. It’s a MUST to see for yourself.”